Parent Power: Voices Speaking Up for Colorado Cyberschools (3/21/2012)

To all of our members who responded to Monday's blog post about a biased news article by chiming in with your positive stories, thank you!

Earlier today, Westword posted a parent's positive comment on the story as a separate blog entry. (Thanks to CCCF baord member Tillie for making her voice heard so eloquently.) We liked the idea of highlighting the parent voices so we compiled some of our favorite parent power quotes from the conversation.

It's not too late to add your voice! Visit the article online at Ed News Colorado, KUNC, or Westword to make a comment.

"Another story missing a key component of this issue...the STUDENTS and their families. I have been a cyberschool parent for the past 7 years...we continue because we see results... It's unfair to judge it when it's working within a system of policy and legislation that is geared towards a traditional model. This may look like an attack on online education's finances and accountablity, but what it really is is an attack on school choice. Colorado...we are at a turning point here...we can encourage innovation and reform and put best practices into place for ALL public schools or we can continue to spin our wheels and see the further decline or our schools." - Comment by SchoolChoiceParent on the Westword article

"Our daughter could not get teachers, on a regular basis, at her public high school, to listen to her needs & be prepared to help her when she needed it. They were either unavailable, overloaded or asked her 'to come back' or told her to 'just figure it out'.  This was not true certainly of all her teachers, but the majority... Our experience with teachers at COVA has been the exact opposite....they are available within the hour of when our daughter has posted a question online, usually sooner... Our daughter for the first time is motivated, excited about her education, and has taken ownership of that education... Online education is a viable option, regardless of the naysayers out there who wish to see it as a profit-building scheme." - COVA advocate on the KUNC story

"I think it is ridiculous to criticize COVA for having overworked and underpaid teachers. Isn’t this the same fight that the entire country has been having for years? Should a virtual academy be held to higher standards because it is different? ...We have been with COVA for four years now... Our children are thriving with this type of education..." - Lynda on the Ed News Colorado article


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