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Tons of time and money is spent on research that shows that parental involvement is the key to children’s success? Hold your nickels. We will tell you that is a fact--for FREE.

We are our children’s parents, guardians, caretakers, and loved ones. We know our kids better than anyone. We love them and care for them. We will pursue nothing but the best for them. Ever day gobs of parents help their children become literate through reading with them. Scores of us volunteer in their classrooms and PTO’s. Some of us teach our children in the loving environment of our homes.

We see the progress of our children and others whose lives we affect by our active participation. Parental involvement is so powerful that it has even been legislated in the State of Colorado.

Some of us who have a weird knack for wandering beyond the bake-sale (or just desperately need a hobby), have concluded that our active participation is likely the missing ingredient in other areas too. For example, if parental involvement is key to a child’s wellbeing and academic success, then why are parental voices not engaged more in lawmaking about our own kids?

Why is it that we are trusted to sell wrapping paper and promote bond elections, but not often requested to weigh in about the big topics that can change everything for our families?

Well, it was just a matter of time before a gaggle of us ordinary involved parents kept seeing each other in school board meetings and carpool lanes.

We had come to the same conclusions: Education across Colorado and the United States is less than fantastic. From professionals to stay-at-home-parents, it is our active participation which is missing from many political agendas being pushed today. It is time to bring the issues back home.

Together we created It is a multi-issue united parent network which brings real Americans into leadership. We research complex issues and policies which impact families and make them understandable. Our goal is to spark interest among parents who think deeply and act deliberately. We are not a think tank. We are an action tank.

We invite you to join us. just held its first event “School Funding in Plain English.” Our December event will be about “buzz of 2012 legislature that parents should know about.” To learn more visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ParentLedReform.

By Karin Piper

Twitter: ParentLedReform

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