We are a group of dedicated parents who have volunteered to be advocates for public cyberschools and online learning in Colorado. We all have our own personal and diverse reasons for choosing this effective option in public education. Our common bond is the same however: we want nothing but the best possible education for our children, and cyberschools help us achieve that goal. 

Meet Our Board

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Tillie Elvrum, Director

Tillie Elvrum has worked to promote school choice in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado and on the national level since first becoming an advocate for school choice and education reform in 2004. In addition to serving as Director of the Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families, she currently serves as the President of PublicSchoolOptions.org  and previously served on the boards of Ohio Connections Academy and the Ohio Coalition of E-school Families.  Along with her duty as a learning coach to her son, she organizes social and educational opportunities for Colorado Connections Academy students. 

Tillie has two children, Megan, a Penn State University graduate living in San Diego, and J.D., a graduate of Colorado Connections Academy. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Emerald Zeitz, Board Member & Parent Advocate

Emerald is a wife, mother and cyber school supporter. The Zeitz's cyber school journey began when Emerald and her husband refused to let their daughter, then in 3rd grade, be ostracized, bullied and left behind in the brick-and-mortar public school setting. They made the decision to try cyber school and have never looked back.

Emerald and her family are starting their sixth year in the cyber school public school setting and are thrilled to say their daughter is the happiest she's ever been.  They are so grateful that they were able to give their daughter this option and for the amazing difference it has made in their lives!