Letter to the Editor by CCCF Director Tillie Elvrum - CS Independent

Public education offers many different types of schools to cater to a range of students. Whether a charter or traditional school, each school shares a common goal — to give our children the best education possible by equipping students with tools to succeed (“Are all schools created equal?,” News, Jan. 25). Funding inequalities between traditional public schools and charter schools make this goal more difficult for charter schools to achieve.

The argument that charter schools do not deserve equal funding is unfounded. Charter schools are held accountable for reaching state and federal accountability standards. Charter schools’ curriculum must follow state standards, students are still required to take the same standardized tests, and students must meet the same attendance standards. In contrast, charter schools, do not receive funding for facilities and, on average, receive almost 30 percent less funding per pupil.

Charter schools offer parents another option for meeting their child’s individual needs. Unequal funding creates unfair inequalities in the public school system and may, ultimately, reduce choice.

— Tillie Elvrum, Colorado Coalition of Cyberschool Families, Colorado Springs